2-11 yr olds

This age range is all about discovery and growth. It can be full of fun and adventure. Understanding boundaries, respect and how to relate to others are all part of the discovery adventure of growing up. However, as a child explores these areas it can create real tensions and challenges for the parent. Below are some of the  areas in which parent coaching will help you fulfil your parenting goals and get the response you are hoping for from your children.

Getting ready for school

Leaving the house with children can be a draining experience. Parent coaching sessions will help you feel more confident about facing the challenges which arrive when getting ready for school and leaving the house.


It is amazing how simple tasks like brushing teeth, getting into bed, settling down quietly and staying in bed can become such a battle ground between parent and child. This experience leaves the parent and child feeling miserable at the end of the day.  Coaching sessions will help you move towards having positive experiences at the end of the day together.


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare! You are about to leave the house or are in the middle of a shop or are making a phone call and your child throws a tantrum… what do you do? Give in for an easy life, stand your ground or ignore it? What do you do when they start hurting you or others?  Tantrums are draining and demoralising for both parent and child. Parent coaching sessions will give you some easy and simple skills to reduce the number of tantrums and to help handle them when they arise.

Technology challenges

Technology is brilliant and helps us do so much, but it adds yet another challenge to the parent. Technology opens a world of opportunities to children and young people, but sometimes that world is all consuming and does not represent the values we would want for our children. Coaching sessions will help you put in boundaries which make sure that your children are safe and taking full advantage of the positives which technology offers.

 Parenting with joy, calmness, sanity and success

There are many areas where we can work together to enable you to enjoy being the parent of a teenager.  Parent coaching sessions will help you to reduce your stress as a parent so that your parenting experience is one of joy, calmness and success.                          Click here for more ways to increase your calmness and wellbeing as a parent.

Other parenting concerns? 

I can help with many areas. Even if your particular area of parenting concern is not listed here, I can still help. Parent coaching sessions with me are about YOU and what you want as a parent. Why not contact me to discuss how parent coaching would be helpful for you?’

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