Parent coaching testimonies

Feedback about Richard 

‘Working with Rich has been a great journey for me. Rich was great working with families and young people. Rich has a way with people which makes them feel at ease.’

June Bilby Lead youth facilitation practitioner. LBH

Richard through leading aspects of the curriculum, providing family support and championing a values led education he has significantly contributed to our mission to provide an outstanding whole education.

Malcolm Drakes Executive Headteacher of an outstanding school. 

‘The time with Richard increased my confidence and awareness as a parent with a knowledge of what is important to concentrate on. It was practical and useful. I would love to do it again.’

Ozlem, mum of twins.

‘Richard had some good ideas on how to reward children for good and positive behaviour.He and his partner created a warm and comfortable environment which inspired me to join a voluntary government-run course as a support worker.

Jason, single dad of four.

‘I had the privilege of facilitating a number of parenting programmes with Richard. He has an infectious energy and passion for his work and I was always amazed by his creativity and willingness to go the extra mile to support parents. Not only that but Richard lives and breathes what he teaches with his own children, giving them a strong and stable foundation and the best possible start in life. I couldn’t recommend Richard highly enough.’

Neel Parti, NSPCC Senior Strategy Analyst

‘Richard has shown a great deal of support by bringing enthusiasm and life experience to the parenting classes he taught and showing us how to adapt the lessons to suit individual needs at different stages of life. I couldn’t recommend him enough.’

Yvonne, single mum to one.

Having Richard to guide me and help me consider what I was doing with my daughter, has been invaluable.

Jan, Mum to one.                                                                                                                              

‘Working with Richard gave me inner strength in and a sense of calm during an extremely difficult time. I learned not to be afraid of the future and to embrace the present time as a gift. I was able to make significant changes over time that not only benefited me but also my Children. Our journeys still continue but always know the door will never be closed should I need support not only for me but my children too. It’s a priceless relationship to build and one highly recommended.’                                                                                                 Sarah, Mum of two.

‘Richard is hugely knowledgeable and skilled in his area of practice. His precise yet engaging lectures have helped to strengthen and develop the abilities of the students and feedback has indicated how he can inspire academics to achieve more from their learning’.                                                                                                                                                                          Carl Chandra, Senior Lecturer, University of West London

‘I spent 12 weeks with Richard doing the parenting course it made me stop and look at parenting in a different way making sure I gave clear firm instructions to the children to do as asked. Making sure I praised the children often is a great way for them to know they are doing well. I am very thankful to Richard for running the course and I still use what I have learned to this day.’                                                                                                                        Tracy, mum of three.