Parenting with joy, calmness and success

A wonderful lady that I know  told  me  how,  when  her  children  were younger,  she  once left  them  in  the  house,  went  down to the garden shed and screamed her head off for 10 minutes! How is it that the little bundle of joy which you held on their first day can cause you so much stress!! Parenting is always going to have moments of hard work. Parent coaching sessions will help you to reduce your stress as a parent so that your parenting experience is one of joy, calmness and success.

Parenting without smacking

Smacking is old as parenting and so is the debate about whether it works or not. There are a growing number of parents who find smacking leaves them feeling unsatisfied and wishing they had alternatives. In the past, I occasionally smacked my children but I  found it to be ineffective  and  felt that smacking did not mirror my values as a parent. There are very effective non-violent alternatives. Parent coaching sessions can help you explore your own views about smacking in a guilt-free environment and help provide you with a number of alternative approaches.

Getting results without shouting

Do you want to be shouting less as a parent? It is so easy to raise the volume, yet many parents I talk to wish they could shout less and still change behaviour. Getting results from your actions as a parent does not mean you need to shout or even count to three. ( or as many of us do it 1….2…2 1/2….2 3/4…3). Parent coaching sessions will help you reduce your volume, but increase your impact as a parent. 

Which parenting advice do you listen to?

There is loads of advice out there about parenting- I know that I felt overwhelmed when I become a dad with it all. Parent coaching sessions will help you to work out which advice is best for your family and for what you want out of family life.

Shared custody

It is great that you are sharing custody of your children, but this can add extra stress on you as a parent. Parents often talk to me about how to handle children who have different rules in two different houses. Others ask me how to deal with children who often come  home from the other parent’s house being naughty when they where behaving well before  they left.Parent coaching sessions will help you overcome the challenges of shared custody parenting.

Other parenting concerns?

I can help with many areas. Even if your particular area of parenting concern is not listed here, I can still help. Parent coaching sessions with me are about YOU and what you want as a parent. Why not contact me to discuss how parenting coaching would be helpful for you?

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